Soaring Spirit
In simplicity is all truth

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Tea-wild herbs-weeds are an amazing experience, we will share with you some simple truths that will change your life.




A Little Inspiration



Free yourself from debt forever!


Love resides in the higher vibrational frequencies. Remember this when situations are less than ideal. True love is in the embodiment of our Creator. To reach a higher level of vibrational frequency infuse positive thoughts throughout the situation, visualize being embraced and infused by the unconditional love of our Father Creator. Stay in this frame of consciousness until the situation resolves itself. Continue practicing until you are able to stay in this frame of mind. Each day then will be filled with Love, Peace and Joy.

True Power is Love, Peace & Joy

Nicolette J Germano

Mistake: That which you had not intended the outcome. A true mistake is that which you did not learn from. A mistake allows an opportunity to learn to grow beyond your mindset.

Nicolette J Germano

Keath Harkin from Celtic Thunder and my daughter BabyJay.  BabyJay singing "Send Me a Song"