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At Personal Journey Soaring Spirit, we are focused on providing  simple truths on how to use herbs to better our lives – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There’s much more to come!



After having my daughter I was so depleted of nutrients but no one explained what was happening to me. Not one Dr. I went to could explain to me why from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet and everywhere in between I was covered with small blisters. My hands were the worst; they were so painful and would bleed. Yet I had to continue to work. So I did~!


I was so up set at the medical world for all their lack of knowledge and understanding of what I was going through. Well in a passing thought I heard: “Take Vitamins”, and so I did, and this was my first introduction into the world of: “In Simplicity is All Truth” ~!


Once I started using a multi-vitamin supplement ALL of the blisters cleared up and to this day 11/29/14 21 years later I will not break out unless I am not making sure I am getting the nutrition I need to maintain great health.


I continued my journey running into different kinds of struggles and with each one would come a direction to search out natural sources to recover~!


The major steps that catapulted me into the study of herbs started when my daughter was 5 years. She became ill and the Dr’s would do nothing for her claiming, (without ever seeing her) she had a flu and there was nothing they could do for her. Well by day 7 she had not eaten or drank any fluids for 5 straight days. She was hungry, thirsty and her lungs were filing up and she could not breathe. I took her into the Roseville emergency and the Dr. on duty refused to even put the stethoscope to her chest, said the same thing to me and refused to give her an anti-biotic. Well by this point I was so enraged by their callous treatment of my daughter I forced this man to prescribe the anti-biotic by threat of a class action law suit. Once I started her on the anti-biotic her lungs started to clear; this also helped her stomach to hold down water and then food, and so she recovered, but I vowed never again to allow anyone calling themselves “DR” to have that kind of POWER and control over us~! 


The next major force into the study of herbs and alternative recovery practices was when I was around 40 I was told I was to old to be bothered with, then at 42. I was told I had cancer of the cervix. The DR’s wanted me into their office for a biopsy to see how far along I was, because as you are aware, by the time an illness shows up on their tests, you are already in trouble. Well I had already went through the experience with them over my daughter so I was not going to allow them to tell me what I would and would not be doing for this illness. I decided to make them wait until I was finished with my herbal cleanse. This didn’t set well with them and that made me very happy. I went on to cleanse my internal system for two weeks and when I was done I felt like a new person. I called the DR’s back and they took me in right away. They told me not to expect the results back for at least two weeks to a month; I said “No problem”. Well it didn’t take two weeks it didn’t even take one week I had the results by the 4th day after they took their sample from my cervix. They were overwhelming surprised with my results that they had a very hard time telling me what they discovered. They found my cervix was as healthy as a teenagers and that’s why it came back so fast. I said “I have no cancer in my cervix?” “None” they said and on top of that you are in such great shape we couldn’t distinguish your biopsy from a teenagers”. Well needless to say I was so excited to have proof that my herbal cleanse not only worked to cleanse my body of cancer, but it also brought my body back to a youthful state of being. I found the so called fountain of YOUTH. It is truly a shame that our health industry is so lacking in what we really need to heal and stay youthful all the days of our lives, but I’m ecstatic that I have found out~!


So a journey I had not expected begins~! I now understand how simple it is to recover and how quickly one can recover even from the most dangerous illnesses. There is so much information today that no one should be unawares of the natural remedies available. Today my knowledge in health and nutrition has led me to make my own vitamins and minerals, anti-infectious mixes, anti-depressant mixes, cleansing mixes, natural body lotion, rapid healing salve and so on~! All these are made from natural food and plant sources that help your own body to recover. This knowledge allows me to be secure, knowing I have the answers and accessible resources which allow me to care for myself and all those around me that would seek my help. I have created my own health business and teach others how to recover from illnesses and how to make simple adjustments to your daily life to greatly enhance your health and lifestyle.


Here is just how simple it is to recover from acid reflux: Either eat a large carrot or juice 3 large carrots and drink. The juice of carrot settles the acid in the stomach by balancing your PH, and Walla, within a few minutes no more acid reflux, or drink some lemon juice, or a cup of Chamomile or how bout eating papaya fresh or dried or juiced. Any of those or a combination of them will assist or stop the acid reflux. Epsom Salt baths will draw out impurities. Just soak from head to toe for 20 to 45 minutes in a hot bath, be careful not to stand up to quickly after a hot bath, it can cause fainting, then rinse and rap in a bath robe or very large towel and lie down and rest for ½ to 1 hour. A vinegar sponge bath will break a fever, just be sure to keep the body covered while wiping the body down with a: 1 part clear vinegar to 2 parts warm to hot water. If the fever won’t break right away then simply repeat until the fever does break. My daughter cannot have a fever, she will convulse uncontrollably so I allow her to have the fever long enough to do its job but I will break it before she would start to convulse. For a quick pick me up you can simply use the vinegar sponge bath above, it opens the pores and lets in oxygen. Rubbing fresh Garlic juice on the arches of the feet will act as a natural anti-biotic-viral. If used in large doses you will taste the garlic on your tongue in just moments. This can also be done as a quick pick me up when over tired or stressed, it takes oxygen to the brain very quickly. All of the above knowledge has been such a tremendous blessing to us.


My first course of action in any situation with health issues is to first cleanse the body both inside and out. I have Cleansing information at my website: From there you will know if any other action is needed. In more serious situations you can use an herbal anti-infectious mix or colloidal silver both of which I supply. Or if you are in a learning framing of mind I can teach you how to do all this for yourself. With this kind of knowledge comes security and confidence~!


Deception is our worst enemy. Deception denies us truth, knowledge, health, peace of mind, a simple sense of well being~! Learn as much as you can from as many as you can and never settle for an evasive answer or a belittling one. We are all worth the whole truth and all knowledge.


Each of us follows a different path because we are all unique. No one is identical to any other. Yes we have common characteristics, but that which is unique to me no other has. So there is much you can learn from me that will be different from any one else and so on, and there is much we can all learn from you that is uniquely you.


Essentials of life are water, fire, air and vegetation, without these there is no life. Now if we humans were only animals as they like to teach us in school, we would not need anything else but we are not, and we need much more. In another article I have written out the 10 health laws.


Remember:                   “HEALTH IS A CHOICE SO IS FREEDOM”


                   If you would like more info or a one on one, just call Nicolette at:  916-358-6657


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